I Hate New York

I Hate New York
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Title: I Hate New York

Original Title: I Hate New York

Year: 2018



'I Hate New York' follows the lives of several trans women: Chloe Dzubilo, Amanda Lepore, T De Long and Sophia Lamar. These women are artist and activists for the LGBT rights who belong to the New York City's underground atmosphere. Throught their testimonies, which were collected bewteen 2007 and 2017 with a single amateur camera and without any script, we can know their experiences, their past and the journey they have made in the fight for their own identity.

The documentary 'I Hate New York' will be released next April at the Malaga Film Festival. Juan Antonio Bayona is the executive producer, he is known by films like 'El orfanato', 'The Imposible' and 'A Monster Calls'. It is directed by Gustavo Sánchez.


Gustavo Sánchez Gustavo Sánchez


I Hate New York
I Hate New York
I Hate New York
I Hate New York

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