Beatriz at Dinner

Beatriz at Dinner
Poster Beatriz at Dinner

Title: Beatriz at Dinner

Original Title: Beatriz at Dinner

Year: 2017


Release Dates

  • UK: June 01 2017
  • United States: June 09 2017


In the new Miguel Arteta movie, Salma Hayek is Beatriz, a mexican holistic medicine practitioner who lives in California. When she drives to the house of one of her client in a rich side of the city, she ends up receiving an invitation to attend a wealthy clien'ts dinner meeting. When the conversation starts to get more and more offensive to her because of her hispanic origins, she starts a war of words with Doug, one of the moguls in the meeting, who cares more about money than people.



Miguel Arteta Miguel Arteta


'Beatriz at Dinner' Trailer 2:29


Beatriz at Dinner
Beatriz at Dinner
Beatriz at Dinner
Beatriz at Dinner
Beatriz at Dinner


Mike White and Miguel Areta's third film together.

This is the third film that makes Mike White (screenplay) and Miguel Areta (director) work together. The have previously made 'Chuck and Buck' in 2000 and 'The Good Girl' in 2002

Chloe Sevigny and Connie Britton in the cast of 'American Horror Story'.

Connie Britton and Chloe Sevigny have both starred in 'American Horror Story': Britton in season 1 and Sevigny in seasons 2 and 5.

The movie features music from Mike White's 'Iluminada'

The movie features music from Mike White's previous TV series 'Iluminada' (2011), which also had episodes directed by Miguel Arteta.

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