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Year: 1967

Original Title: Belle de jour

Country: France

Length: 101 minutes

Genre: Drama


Suitable only for adults

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Release Dates

United Kingdom: September 08 2017

United States: April 10 1968


Ranking: 7,004 out of 14,180 movies (up 1222)


9.5 by 2 users


One of the most relevant films of the filmografy by spanish director's Luis Buñuel, 'El ángel exterminador' (1960), 'Viridiana' (1961), 'Belle de jour' winner with the Gold Lion at the International Film Festival of Venezia in 1967 and the film starring by the french actress Catherine Deneuve. The darkness and powerfull film tells the story about a young Paris housewife, Séverine, grows bored with her stable husband. When she learns of the presence of a high-class brothel in her neighborhood, she quietly goes to work there--but only during the day, until five o'clock in the afternoon.


Cast Belle de Jour

Catherine Deneuve

Séverine Serizy

Michel Piccoli

Henri Husson



Trivia Belle de Jour

'Belle de jour' is a day lily in French, a flower that blooms only by day, as Severine is available only during the afternoons. "Belle de jour" is also a sort of pun, as it reminds us of "belle de nuit", an euphemism for prostitute. In the rape scene, her dress was fitted with Velcro to give off a tearing sound as it was ripped away. According to Luis Buñuel scholar Julie Jones, Buñuel once said that he himself didn't know what the end exactly means.