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Year: 2002
Original Title: Senso '45
Length: 122 minutes
Genre: Drama, Romance, Thriller


Ranking: 1,996 out of 15,990 movies (up 480)


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5.0 by 1 media


Livia Mazzoni, is the wife of a Fascist Minister who lives trapped in a marriage unhappy. One day she casually meets a young SS officer, with whom she becomes embroiled in a dangerous and fervent adventure in which desire and attraction are most important. The German Lieutenant introduces Livia into a spiral of underground and dangerous perversion. This is not a new version of the film directed by Luchino Visconti also inspired by 'Senso' , the novel by Camillo Boitio, as 'Black Angel (Senso '45)' is a transposition of the love and passion of the protagonists under obsessions of the director. Starring Anna Galiea, Gabriel Garko, Branciaroli Franco, Antonio Salines, Simona Borioni and Loredana Cannata.


Cast Black Angel

Anna Galiena

Anna Galiena

Livia Mazzoni

Gabriel Garko

Gabriel Garko

Helmut Schultz

Franco Branciaroli

Franco Branciaroli

Ugo Oggiano