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Year: 2016
Original Title: Bling
Length: 82 minutes
Genre: Animation
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Release Dates

United States: May 06 2016


Ranking: 8,308 out of 15,768 movies (up 1559)


4.7 by 1 users


The new film from the corean director Kyung Ho Lee tells the story of Sam, an amusement park mechanic. He spends his days there with his three robot friends, Kit, Okra and Wilmer. Sam is also very much in love with his childhood sweetheart Sue, who is a news anchor on television. Sam has been trying to build up the courage to ask Sue to marry him for a very long time but he always lacks the nerve. Meanwhile, an evil mastermind Oscar is planning to destroy the whole city with the help of his sidekick robot Victor. Sam will have to try and save the city and he will have his three friends to help him do it. What will win Sue's heart in the end, an engagement ring or saving the whole city from a terrible villain?

Cast Bling



Trivia Bling

The pass code to enter Oscar's lair (36-24-36) is historically considered to be a woman's "ideal" measurements.