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ÚLTIMA HORA Theresa May anuncia su dimisión como primera ministra británica


Year: 1945
Original Title: Blithe Spirit
Length: 96 minutes
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy
Studios: United Artists
Age rating: Universal

Release Dates

United Kingdom: May 14 1945

United States: October 03 1945


Ranking: 11,985 out of 15,105 movies (up 1013)


7.4 by 4 users


Celebrated novelist Charles Condomine is a newly married man haunted by his long-dead first wife. When a medium and Charles' new wife try to send her back, they don't realize she has devised a scheme to keep Charles with her forever.


Cast Blithe Spirit

Rex Harrison

Rex Harrison

Charles Condomine

Constance Cummings

Constance Cummings

Ruth Condomine

Kay Hammond

Kay Hammond

Elvira Condomine