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Year: 1931
Original Title: City Lights
Length: 87 minutes
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Studios: United Artists

Release Dates

United Kingdom: February 27 1931

United States: January 30 1931


Ranking: 6,209 out of 16,356 movies (up 2909)

Ranked #177 in list 'The best movies ever'

Ranked #43 in list 'The best comedies'


9.4 by 15 users


Charles Chaplin is the vagabond Charlot again in this classic. Charlot, a homeless man, meets a blind flower seller girl and falls in love for her. He also prevents the suicide of a drunk millionaire, who will be eternally grateful ... until he sobers up, then he will forgets having met Charlot. The blind wman and Charlot begin a relationship, but she thinks he's a millionaire, so when she are about to foreclose on her home, the vagabond will work on whatever is necessary to get the money and thus prevent impound his beloved. After going through multiple jobs without success, even boxer, he decides to ask the drunk whom he saved for the money that he need, which will have the police chasing him.


Cast City Lights

Harry Myers

Harry Myers


Florence Lee

Florence Lee

Florist's grandmother

Hank Mann

Hank Mann