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Year: 2017
Original Title: Cometa: Él, su perro y su mundo
Length: 105 minutes
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama
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Ranking: 2,682 out of 15,398 movies (up 973)


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Roberto Martínez and Cometa find each other in one of the hardest moments of their lives. Roberto has lost his work, his house and his family, and is forced to live in the streets with little hope to move forward. During one of those days, he stumbles upon Cometa, a dog that was a Christmas gift for a girl a few years ago and now has been abandoned in the streets. Together, they will live a great adventure until they will be able to recover all they have lost. 'Cometa: Él, su perro y su mundo' is an independent film based upon a real story and the experiences of helmer Leonardo Arturo Domínguez Martínez. It wants to raise awareness about the problem of abandoned dogs and their trade, besides encouraging the adoption of pets.




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