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Year: 2012
Original Title: El Mundo es Nuestro
Length: 87 minutes
Genre: Comedy
Studios: Festival Films


Ranking: 2,244 out of 16,014 movies (up 1247)


7.6 by 8 users

6.5 by 1 media


The Culebra and the Cabesa are the names of two bad thiefs who decide to give his great blow to their thirties: to hold a bank branch up and to flee to Brazil following the steps of the Dioni. What one supposed to be a simple work, there complicates due to the sudden irruption of Fermín, a businessman fifty-year-old man loaded with explosives, who threatens to be immolated and required the presence of the television to call the attention on his precarious situation. What was going to be a robbery finishes in a real kidnapping with hostages and explosives of for way. While the police try to support any low control, a journalist broadcasts live everything what happens inside the bank as hostage.


Cast El Mundo es Nuestro

Alberto López

Alberto López

El Culebra

Maite Sandoval

Maite Sandoval

Lt. Jiménez