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El padre de mis hijos poster


Year: 2018
Original Title: El padre de mis hijos
Length: 85 minutos minutes
Genre: Comedy
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Ranking: 10,341 out of 16,123 movies (up 1086)


Eva (Mora Recalde) has came to her 38th birthday in the worst possible way. Her boyfriend has left her without any reason and she is forced to come back to her parents' house. As her 40s gets closer, the pressure is bigger. She wants children and she is determined to be it. The only thing she needs is to find the father of her children. Her desperation makes her look for the candidate among several acquaintances around her such as her gynecologist (Julián Lucero), a man who is obsessed with her. 'El padre de mis hijos' is a comedy directed by Martín De Salvo ('Darkness by Day', 'Amores de historia', 'Pure Evil'). The script of the movie is written by Alejo Flah ('Taxi a Gibraltar', 'Sexo fácil, películas tristes', 'Tita Cervera. La baronesa') y Agustina Gotto, who collaborates in her second film after 'Embarcados a Europa'. The movie is starred by Mora Recalde ('Darkness by Day', 'Symphony for Ana', 'The the World Is Full of Crashing Bores'), Romana Ricci ('Lucy en el infierno', 'Surviving the 70's', 'Farsantes'), Javier Drolas ('I'm Gilda', 'The Good Intentions', 'Sinuous Road'), Julián Lucero ('Taste It: A Comedy About the Recession', 'Guerra de Cervezas'), Horacio Fontova ('I Am Toxic', 'No Kids'), William Prociuk ('The death of Marga Maier', 'Campanas en la noche').


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