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Year: 2019
Length: 123 minutes
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Distributor: Asia Releasing

Release Dates

United Kingdom: February 15 2019


Ranking: 7,537 out of 16,014 movies (up 1459)


5.0 by 2 users


Students Jiang Zhishu and Yuan Xiangqin meet when a bike accident leads to an accidental kiss that leads to Yuan Xiangqin developing a huge, unrequited crush on him. Yuan Xiangpin continues to pine over Jiang Zhishu for the next two years, wooed by his intelligence, as he is top of the A class whereas she struggles in the F class. When he coldly turns her down and his rejection of her is recorded by a gaggle of students, Yuan Xiangqin is mortified both by the mockery of her fellow students and by the lecture she receives from the principal for distracting promising student Zhishu from his studies. Xiangqin decides to challenge Zhishu to a bet: that she, an F grader, can get on the list of the top 100 students that take the trial exam, a wager which he accepts. Over time, the competitive couple grow closer with a gentle push from Zhishu's mother. Zhishu agrees to help Xiangqin study for the exam and their relationship blossoms as the two study together in preparation for life after education. Directed by Frankie Chen and starring Darren Wang as Jiang Zhishu and Lin Yun as Yuan Xiangqin, 'Fall in Love at First Kiss' is a romantic drama that traces this unlikely couple through their school years and beyond as the attraction between them grows. Hide full plot... Show full plot


Cast Fall In Love At First Kiss