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Ferdinand's user reviews

The Washington Post

"The film incorporates the book?s story arc, with stylistic nods to Robert Lawson?s drawings of Spanish scenes and people. But it also adds new incidents, characters and depth, with a contemporary wit that doesn?t coarsen the story ? or not much, anyway."

Read review Jane Horwitz
Roger Ebert

"What is truly amazing about this film is how thoughtfully Ferdinand questions male gender expectations."

Read review Susan Wloszczyna

"Inoffensive fun, but unlike its paperback forbear, the cinematic 'Ferdinand' is unlikely to stand the test of time."

Read review James Dyer
New York Times

"'Ferdinand', the new computer-animated adaptation from Carlos Saldanha (the 'Ice Age' movies), speaks to its own time in a different way, dutifully adhering to the template for contemporary children?s films while avoiding much personality or distinction."

Read review Ben Kenigsberg
El País

"Saldanha opposes a dramaturgy of the hysteria, where everyone's body-language steps from one extreme emotion to another without a continuity solution."

Read review Jordi Costa

"In what?s been an underwhelming year for big-studio animation, it?s the best of the bunch: sincere, likable, surprisingly funny, and overall true to its source material."

Read review Peter Debruge
The Wrap

"If you can get through the excess of characters, and the requisite butt jokes, car chase and tween pop songs, the film does keep both the physical and the verbal comedy coming at a steady pace."

Read review Alonso Duralde
Entertainment Weekly

"Unfortunately, 'Ferdinand' buries the original story?s message under frenetic action scenes and grating sidekicks, turning a classic tale into just another flat animated comedy."

Read review Devan Coggan
The Hollywood Reporter

"Manages to squeak by with enough charming set-pieces and amusing sight gags to compensate for a stalling storyline."

Read review Michael Rechtshaffen