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'Ferdinand' trivia and fun facts

Two bulls? 'Ferdinand The Bull' was a Disney short animation film first shown in 1938, winner of the Academy Award for Best Animated Short.
Based upon a book The movie is based upon the book 'The story of Ferdinand', by Munro Leaf, published in 1936. It was forbidden in Spain and burnt in the nazi Germany. Gandhi identified it as one of his favorite books.
Cameo in another film In the movie 'The Blind Side', Sandra Bullock's character Leigh Anne reads her son and Michael the book of Ferdinand.
In Sweden Ferdinand's short film from 1938 is part of Disney's Christmas special of Sweden, a traditional show aired every Christmas Eve in the nordic country.
Scrat? As a reference to 'Ice Age', the saga directed by Carlos Saldanha, a character disguised as Scrat, the famous squirrel, appears in the movie.