Goya, Carrière & the Ghost of Buñuel

Goya, Carrière & the Ghost of Buñuel
Poster Goya, Carrière & the Ghost of Buñuel

Title: Goya, Carrière & the Ghost of Buñuel

Original Title: L'Ombre de Goya

Year: 2022



Screened within the Cannes Classics label in Official Selection at 75th Cannes International Film Festival, 'Goya, Carrière & the Ghost of Buñuel' was screened at Vancouver Festival, as well as within Special Screenings at 68th Valladolid International Film Festival, la SEMINCI. Film made by José Luis López-Linares, an expert documentary filmmaker and director of films such as 'Sorolla: La emocion del natural', 'El Bosco. El jardín de los sueños' or 'España, la primera globalización'.

'Goya, Carrière & the Ghost of Buñuel' is a documentary feature film dedicated to the famous French screenwriter Jean-Claude Carrière, who died in February 2021 at the age of 89. The film immortalizes him doing what he did all his life: playing geniuses. Acclaimed filmmaker and artist traveled to Spain one last time to once again admire the paintings by great Francisco de Goya and stand before the cameras of López-Linares at Museo del Prado; as well as in Fuendetodos, a town and municipality in Zaragoza, place where Goya was born in 1746, or in La Cartuja de Zaragoza, among the thirty places that display his works.

A film that exposes the admiration of one genius for another and in which other great film directors such as Carlos Saura or Julian Schnabel also participate, as well as polymath Nahal Tajadod, Carrière's widow. An international co-production between France, Spain and Portugal. A Mondex Films, Zampa Audiovisual, López-Li Films and Fado Filmes production.



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