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Halloween's user reviews

Entertainment Weekly

Long live Michael Myers, so maybe someone can finally kill him. A big, funny, scary, squishy, super-meta sequel that brings it all back to the iconic 1978 original.

Read review Leah Greenblatt

By contemporary horror standards, the original ?Halloween? was actually quite tame, featuring just five (human) deaths, whereas this one more than triples the body count ? and it does so with style, borrowing several of Carpenter?s classic devices.

Read review Peter Debruge
The Guardian

There are some effectively nasty kills and Green?s visual eye often results in some impressive imagery but both the look of the film and the script feel confused.

Benjamin Lee
The Hollywood Reporter

The picture has a good shock or two up its sleeve before getting to Laurie's armored, booby-trapped home, and once it's there, it surprises us again.

Read review John DeFore

Green has made a slavish, sharply executed bit of fan service elevated by Jamie Lee Curtis? transformation into a badass grandmother back to finish the job.

Read review Eric Kohn