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'Halloween' trivia and fun facts

About ten 10th film of the 'Halloween' series.
Sequel to 1978's 'Halloween' This will be a direct sequel to 1978's 'Halloween', ignoring the sequels and the two remakes that came in later.
Dimension lost the rights of the 'Halloween' universe On Monday June 15th 2015 the title of the film was announced as Halloween Returns, and the plot was said to focus on the child of one of Michael's victims and a cop who put Myers before his own daughter. But as of December of the same year, Dimension lost the rights of the Halloween universe, which brought as a consequence the cancellation of the project
Continuation of the original 'Halloween's sequel The film wasn't said to be a "remake" nor a "reboot", but a "recalibration" of the character Michael Myers. However, after David Gordon Green and Danny McBride took over the project, these two stated that it would be none of the aforementioned and that the film was going to be a continuation of the original Halloween's sequel.
Last film? John Carpenter has said this will be tle last 'Halloween' film, even though there are contractual obligations for a sequel and, also, the screenwriters are already considering one.
40th Anniversary Released coinciding with the 40th Anniversary of Halloween (1978).
Toronto Film Festival The film premiered at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) in September 2018.