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Year: 2002

Original Title: Karlsson på taket

Length: 77 minutes

Genre: Animation



Release Dates

United States: October 23 2005


Ranking: 10,336 out of 14,744 movies (up 1056)


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'Karlsson on the Roof' is based on the novels for children written by the Swedish Astrid Lindgren. This adaptation focuses on Karlsson, the main character, a young boy, shortly and overconfident who lives in an apartment in Vasasta, Stockholm. However, Karlsson has a secret virtue: ¡he can fly! But among every attribute he has, his best one is that he is the best playmate of his friend Steve, who is also being called Little Brother. Together they will be in a lot of trouble, but at the end everyone will adore the young Karlsson. Vibeke Idsoe directed and wrote the adaptation, while Börje Ahlstedt, Pernilla August, Maria Bolme, Brasse Brännström and Ellen Ekdahl, among others, are the main actors to put voice to the different characters.


Cast Karlsson on the Roof

Börje Ahlstedt

Börje Ahlstedt

Karlsson (Voz)

Pernilla August

Pernilla August

Mama (Voz)

Maria Bolme

Maria Bolme

Rulle (Voz)