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Year: 2018

Original Title: Kayamkulam Kochunni

Length: 168 minutes

Genre: Action, Drama, History


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Release Dates

United Kingdom: August 17 2018

United States:


Ranking: 11,848 out of 14,744 movies (up 986)


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Dreaded by the rich and corrupt and revered by the poor and downtrodden, Kayamkulam Kochunni was a Robin Hood of sorts: He is said to have stolen from the rich and given to the poor. This film chronicles the life and times of the legendary 19th century highwayman, and how he roses from his humble beginnings with his intimate friend Ithikkara Pakki. It is because he has experienced abject poverty in his younger days that he has developed an aversion to misers, moneylenders and landlords. Maybe that is why, by the assistance of an renaissance leader called Arattupuzha Velayudha Panicker, Kochunni is arrested. But nothing could stop that the legends about his life became part of Indian folklore.


Cast Kayamkulam Kochunni

Nivin Pauly

Nivin Pauly

Kayamkulam Kochunni



Ithikkara Pakki

Sunny Wayne

Sunny Wayne


Priya Anand

Priya Anand


Babu Antony

Babu Antony




Trivia Kayamkulam Kochunni

The stories and legends about Kayamkulam Kochunni's life are part of the Indian folklore. He is considered the national Robin Hood. The story of the thief Kayamkulam Kochunni was already taken to a movie in a film with the same tittle released in 1986, directed by P.A. Thomas in 1966. The language of the movie is malayalam. It is the language from Kerala, in south India. Over 35 million people speak malayalam.