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The Addams Family's user reviews

New York Post

This new flick is nothing more than toddler fodder. It?s so sweet, the Addams clan would burn it in a bonfire.

Read review Johnny Oleksinski

'The Addams Family' has an overly processed outré harmlessness. It?s so busy treating its famous domesticated ghouls as icons that it forgets to rediscover what?s memorable about them.

Read review Owen Gleiberman

Sure, the Addams family is built to be creepy, but when a bottomless pit offers more visual interest than a family member whose defining characteristic is a large screw through his cranium, something has gone amiss.

Read review Kate Erbland
The Hollywood Reporter

A movie so bland and forgettable it hardly merits a groan from the Frankenstein-like butler called Lurch.

Read review John DeFore
New York Times

The movie ?from the ?Sausage Party? directors Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan? is the diversion you would expect, getting laughs from the disparity between the Addams? congenital gloominess and the planned community, called Assimilation, that?s being developed near their mansion.

Read review Ben Kenigsberg
The Wrap

An enjoyable, light-hearted Halloween treat that will surprisingly charm families and let them have a few laughs together.

Read review Yolanda Machado