La vida de Brianeitor

La vida de Brianeitor
Poster La vida de Brianeitor

Title: La vida de Brianeitor

Original Title: La vida de Brianeitor

Year: 2023



'La vida de Brianeitor' tells the overcoming story of Brian in a inspirational and positive way. Brian is a 21-year-old boy who has degenerative muscle atrophy and plays videogames from his Twitch channel. His success in social media changed his life and Brianeitor2002 is a famous streamer and gamer with almost three million followers at the moment.

After his debut on the big screen with 'CampeoneX' from the director Javier Fesser in 2023, now Álvaro Longoria tells Brian's story and shows his life, family, close friends, members of his team, Team Heritics, gamers and streamers with whom he hangs out and all of his online universe partners. This documental rebuilds Brian's life since he was a little boy until he becomes the streamer and gamer of the moment among spaniards: Braneitor2002. He even gets to star in the successful Spanish movie about the Team of the Champions.

With reduced mobility, Brian can only move two fingers and he has became a worldwide phenomenon in the gaming community. This documental tells a fascinating story of overcoming about how Brian has reached what he wanted the most in his life, even with his physical condition.

It's a production of Javier Fesser, Pilar Benito, Luis Manso and Álvaro Longoria. The executive producers are Anna Saura for Morena Films and Películas Pendelton. It has Movistar Plus+ participation.



Álvaro LongoriaÁlvaro Longoria


La vida de Brianeitor
La vida de Brianeitor
La vida de Brianeitor
La vida de Brianeitor
La vida de Brianeitor
La vida de Brianeitor
La vida de Brianeitor
La vida de Brianeitor


Ibai y Brianeitor

Ibai, the Twitch streamer with 12 million followers, is Brianeitor's friend and helps him give visibility to his disease and his content. He even reported establishments win no adapted access for disabled people or video game machines with the same issue.

From his house to the big screen

Brianeitor got the chance of doing a casting for Javier Fesser's box office success sequel 'CampeoneX' when he had just started making content. The streamer sent three videos and became one of the main characters of the movie.

Brian's disease

Brian Albacete Oliver has degenerative muscle atrophy, a group of diseases that make his muscles and bones atrophy and his body get progressively weaker.

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