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Year: 2017

Original Title: Menashe

Country: USA

Length: 82 minutes

Genre: Drama


Distributor: Vertigo Releasing


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Release Dates

United Kingdom: December 08 2017

United States: July 28 2017


Ranking: 3,672 out of 14,465 movies (up 1246)


8.4 by 5 media


Brooklyn's orthodox Jewish community is the scenery for this film. 'Menashe' tells the story of its homonymous protagonist, a Jewish father whose wife has just passed away. With a mediocre job at a grocery store, and always on the rush, he barely manages to get a stable salary. Menashe is fighting to regain the custody over his son Rieven, but the local Rabbi won't listen to him until he gets married again, since, as the Torá goes, "a man should not be alone". However, Menashe doesn't feel attracted by the idea, because his old marriage was not very happy. In spite of Rieven and him getting along quite well, Menashe finds it hard to live again with his son. This is the first fiction film by Joshua Z Weinstein, and is filmed in English and Yiddish.


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Trivia Menashe

The film is, in fact, a semi-documentary based on some aspects of the life of its protagonist, Menashe Lustig. Director, Joshua Z Weinstein, is not a member of the Haredi community and he doesn't speak Yiddish, so he had to use a translator on set.