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Year: 2018

Original Title: Path of Blood

Country: UK

Length: 92 minutes

Genre: Documentary


Distributor: Trinity Filmed Entertainment

Suitable only for adults

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Release Dates

United Kingdom: July 13 2018

United States: July 13 2018


Ranking: 5,882 out of 14,571 movies (up 3468)


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In the depths of the Saudi desert, several young seekers of emotions in the jihadist training camp join a plot to overthrow the government. They detonate three self-bombs in the western complexes in the center of Riyadh and are involved in a dangerous game with the government forces. As they carry out their plans, they will resort to increasingly dangerous tactics and strategies. Through this narrative, 'Path of Blood' is a documentary directed by the filmmaker Jonathan Hacker that exposes the darkest side of the human soul, using small homemade Al Qaeda footage obtained by the security services to demonstrate how mind-washing and the youthful pursuit of adventure can lead to madness and carnage.