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Year: 2018
Original Title: Pond Life
Length: 100 minutes
Genre: Drama
Distributor: Verve Pictures
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Release Dates

United Kingdom: April 26 2019


Ranking: 14,159 out of 16,237 movies (up 864)


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'Pond Life' is set in 1994 in a small town just outside of Doncaster. An excitement suddenly comes to the village people with the rumour of a legendary sized carp inside one of the nearby ponds. A young boy, Trevor, decides that he wants to see this fish with his own eyes and organises a group of friends to go to the pond one night on a fishing trip. The teenagers share an intimate night together in which they share their family problems and life issues. Together they finally have the unique chance to see the legendary carp when it is caught by their neighbour. The film is directed by Bill Buckhurst and stars Tom Varey, Esme Creed-Miles, and Angus Imrie. It is based in Richard Cameron's theatre production of the same name.


Cast Pond Life