Poor Things
Poor Things

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Ramy Youssef 'Poor Things' Interview 6:20

Ramy Youssef 'Poor Things' Interview

We interviewed Ramy Youssef, who plays Max McCandles in 'Poor Creatures', the new film by Yorgos Lanthimos starring Emma Stone.

January 22 2024
Trailer VOSE 'Poor Things' 1:25

Trailer VOSE 'Poor Things'

Dr. Baxter decides to revive Bella, who after waking up will decide to travel the world visiting all kinds of places.

July 5 2023
Trailer 'Poor Things' 1:25

Trailer 'Poor Things'

The revived Bella Baxter will decide to travel the world in order to discover those things that make it wonderful.

July 5 2023
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