Poor Things
Poor Things

'Poor Things' trivia and fun facts

15 years after the project

Yorgos Lanthimos first approached Alasdair Gray about adapting Poor Things in 2009. Gray took Lanthimos on a personal tour of Glasgow, and showed Lanthimos the locations he included in the novel. Lanthimos said, "He was a very lovely man. Unfortunately, he died just a couple of years before we actually made the film, but he was very special and energetic; he was 80-something [when we met], and as soon as I got there, he had seen Canino (2009) and said, 'I had my friend put on the DVD, because I don't know how to operate these things, but I think you're very talented, young man".

Outside the Cannes Film Festival.

Thierry Frémaux, the festival's director, wanted the film to be presented at his festival, but was unable to do so due to post-production deadlines. Finnally, the film was presented at the Venice Film Festival, where it won the Golden Lion.

Music novelty

This is the first Yorgos Lanthimos's film to feature an original score by a composer. All his previous films used only existing music.

Pictorial inspiration

Bella's character design was partially inspired by Egon Schiele's 1911 painting 'Nude Girl Standing With Long Black Hair & Blue-Black Drape'.

Inspired by classics.

After its premiere in Venice Film Festival, 'Empire Magazine' published the films that Yorgos Lanthimos gave the screenwriter Tony McNamara as reference for the tone and feel of the film: 'And the Ship Sails On', 'Belle de Jour' and 'Young Frankenstein'.

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