Year: 2017

Original Title: Quest

Country: USA

Length: 86 minutes

Genre: Drama


Distributor: Dogwood Films

Release Dates

United Kingdom: August 18 2017

United States:


Ranking: 2,706 out of 12,813 movies (up 3781)


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A love story, but not romantic, but a real love story at all. Mills is a teenager that is studying in the middle school and after terrible success happens in his home , he turns into a addict to tagging, and he decided to sign with his "name" in the walls and the places where he visits eventually. He is not comfortable at all, neither in his house nor with the studies that he has choosen, in which he is not good at all. But his teacher will empathize with him and treats to help him to scape of the dark place where he is. But the fault of faith that the expert graffiti has will do that all the help been in vain and maybe one of the most horrible nightmares of an adult that feels responsible of a teenager, will be done reality.