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Year: 2017

Original Title: Remember Baghdad

Country: UK

Length: 69 minutes

Genre: Documentary, History

Studios: Spring Pictures

Distributor: Dartmouth Films

Suitable for 12 years and over

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Release Dates

United Kingdom: November 17 2017

United States:


Ranking: 10,454 out of 14,633 movies (up 1650)


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'Remember Baghdad' is a documentary that explores the evolution of the Jewish society in Iraq. For 2,600 years, the Jewish people inhabited Iraq, but were sent into exile a generation ago. The film shows the lives of different Jewish Iraqi families, who saw how they were kicked out of the place they considered home. After many years of pacific cohabitation between Cristians, Jews and Muslims, Iraqi society westernised quickly during the first half of 20th century. Parties, picnics beside Tigris and peace were part of the life of the Jewish community in Iraq. But the creation of Israel after World War II provoked an exodus. The ones who remained behind had to suffer the hate campaign held by Saddam Hussein since 1967 and, finally, go into exile into Israel. Five Jewish families look back to remember their lives at the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, taken by the hand of director Fiona Murphy. Hide full plot... Show full plot




Trivia Remember Baghdad

Today, there are only five Jews known to live in Baghdad.