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Title: Retablo

Original Title: Retablo

Year: 2017


  • Country: Peru
  • Length: 95 Minutes (1 hour 35 min)
  • Genre: Drama Family LGTB


Álvaro Delgado Aparicio's first feature film, 'Retablo', places us in the deepest place in the country of Peru to tell us the story of a father, a son and a dark secret that will change their family's perspective.

This film shot entirely in the native language of Peru, Quechua Chanka, tells the story of Segundo Paucar (Junior Bejar), a 14-year-old teenager whose father, Noah (Ariel Cayo), is teaching him the family trade of building altarpieces for later sell them.

During a trip with Noah, Segundo unintentionally discovers his father in an act that makes everyone he had built around him and the values ??he knew fall apart in an enormous way.

At first he does not want to hurt his father or his mother Anatolia Paucar (Magaly Solier) so he will try to live with that secret but that won't last long and he will become more violent.

'Retablo' was premiered internationally in various film galas in several countries.

One of the most important awards was taken at the Berlin International Film Festival of 2018, where the team received a Teddy Award for being the best debut film in the festival of the LGTBQ theme.

She was also nominated at the BAFTA, selected to represent Peru at the 2020 Oscars and nominated at the Spanish Film Awards 'Goya'.


Magaly Solier

Magaly Solier

Anatolia Paucar


Subtitled Trailer 'Retablo' 2:04

Subtitled Trailer 'Retablo'

February 11 2020




Approaching reality

It was Magaly Solier's idea to make the film in Quechua even though the script was originally in Spanish

Premiere all over

Its international premiere took place at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2018, where it won a Teddy Award as the best debut film of the LGBTQ-themed festival.

Granite to Granite

In addition to the Norwegian prize, this film could be made thanks to a crowdfunding on the Indiegogo portal, where they got $ 55,000.

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