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Última hora Muere Mila Ximénez a los 69 años a causa de un cáncer de pulmón


Year: 1918
Original Title: Shoulders Arms
Length: 45 minutes
Genre: Comedy, War

Release Dates

United States: October 20 1918


Ranking: 4,629 out of 16,407 movies (up 3600)


7.9 by 4 users


Charlie is a private in training in the Army during WWI. His whole drill squad is inept, but Charlie outshines the others with his incompetence. At night he dreams of what he will do on the battlefields. Once he arrives in the trenches he volunteers to go into enemy territory. He takes refuge with a girl when the Germans arrive...he escapes but she is captured. Charlie manages to impersonate a German officer, rescues the girl and his commanding officer and captures the three German leaders...but is it all a dream?


Cast Shoulders Arms

Edna Purviance

Edna Purviance

The Girl

Syd Chaplin

Syd Chaplin

Charlie's Comrade / The Kaiser