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Year: 2016

Original Title: #Starvecrow

Country: UK

Length: 90 minutes

Genre: Drama, Thriller


Distributor: Munro Film Services

To be shown only in specially licensed cinemas to adults of not less than 18 years

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Release Dates

United Kingdom: November 24 2017

United States:


Ranking: 11,718 out of 14,637 movies (up 1186)


2.0 by 1 media


Record every action of our lives has become a very common habit in our generation, and the possibility of those images to be spread is an habitual fear. Ben and Jess are the main focus in 'Starvecrow' a destructive and toxic relationship. Ben is an abusive boy who records everything he does during his day and Jess just got out of rehab. Their worlds are dominated by each other. The assembled of the movie come from stolen smartphone and hacked CCTV footage mixed with new shots with real actors recording themselves every day. The result is this indie 'Starvecrow' movie that juxtaposes mundande aspects of life alongside horrific an bizarre events. The movie analyses the society and give some lessons to be learned along the way in what is known as hypereal genre.


Cast #Starvecrow