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Year: 2015
Original Title: Tanna
Length: 104 minutes
Genre: Drama, Romance
Studios: Contact Films, Screen Australia
Distributor: Yume Pictures
Age rating: Suitable for 12 years and over
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Release Dates

United Kingdom: February 17 2017

United States: September 16 2016


Ranking: 4,640 out of 16,123 movies (up 1268)


7.0 by 3 users

8.4 by 4 media


On a remote island in the Pacific Ocean, where forests, rain and volcanic activity abound, two young lovers decide to challenge their tribes. Wawa and Dain are in love, but he is the boss's grandson and they can not be together. That's why the two of them decide to flee, but will be pursued by enemy warriors who will try to end their lives. Then they will have to decide between their hearts and the future of the tribe, while the villagers will have to face a hard decision: the preservation of their traditional culture and the adaptation to the increasing demands of individual freedom. Bentley Dean ('Contact') and Martin Butler ('First Footprints') direct this film starring members of the Yakel tribe, including Mungau Dain, Marie Wawa, Marceline Rofit, Chief Charlie Kahla, Albi Nangia, Lingai Kowia, Dadwa Mungau, Linette Yowayin, Kapan Cook, Chief Mungau Yokay, Chief Mikum.


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Trivia Tanna

The only language spoken in the film is Nauvhal. Official submission of Australia for the 'Best Foreign Language Film' category of the 89th Academy Awards in 2017. Almost all the cast is formed by non-professional actors, but members of the tribe who play the same roles as they have in real life. Therefore, warriors are played by warriors, the chief by the chief, etc.