The Eternal Memory

The Eternal Memory
Poster The Eternal Memory

Title: The Eternal Memory

Original Title: La memoria infinita

Year: 2023


Release Dates

  • UK: November 10 2023
  • United States: August 11 2023


Augusto Góngora is a veteran Chilean journalist and a prominent chronicler of the crimes that occurred during the Pinochet regime, and Paulina Urrutia is an actress and former minister. After 20 years of relationship, he is diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Their life and relationship are turned upside down due to the illness.

From that moment, 8 years later, the couple tries to find the best ways to relate and to try to reconstruct Augusto's memory. The couple shows a lot of affection and tries to handle the disease with as much strength as possible, even with a touch of humor, to make daily life as bearable as possible.

In this documentary directed by Maite Alberdi, a love story is narrated and how to cope with a disease as harsh as Alzheimer's, through the eyes of Paulina Urrutia in such an important historical moment, such as the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet within the Chilean Regime for 17 years.

This documentary film has been nominated for the Goya Awards in the category of best Ibero-American film and had its world premiere at the Sundance Festival where it won the Jury Prize in the Documentary section.

In its local premiere in Chile, it has managed to be number 1 at the box office, surpassing films as important as Barbie and Oppenheimer. It has also become one of the most successful Chilean films, in this case, a documentary, of all time.


  • 2024 Academy Awards (Oscars): 1 0
  • 2024 Goya Awards: 1 1



Maite Alberdi Maite Alberdi


The Eternal Memory
The Eternal Memory
The Eternal Memory
The Eternal Memory
The Eternal Memory
The Eternal Memory
The Eternal Memory
The Eternal Memory

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