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The Goonies's user reviews

The Guardian

The Goonies has a rich and indomitable air of all-American innocence.

Read review Peter Bradshaw
Chicago Sun-Times

The Goonies, like Gremlins, shows that Spielberg and his directors are absolute masters of how to excite and involve an audience. "E.T." was more like "Close Encounters"; it didn't simply want us to feel, but also to wonder, and to dream.

Read review Roger Ebert

Everyone has a good time in this adventure crafted with archetypal elements that fit perfectly.

Read review William Thomas
New York Times

It has crooks, bats, cobwebs, skeletons, a lovable monster, an underground grotto and a treasure hidden by some of the most considerate, clue-loving pirates who ever lived. Their ghostly ship is the movie's piece de resistance.

Janet Maslin
The Hollywood Reporter

The action at the center of Chris Columbus' script occasionally falters and generally feels manufactured, but the kids go about their chores as if convinced that all their make-believe is true.

Read review Arthur Knight

Territory is typical small town Steven Spielberg; this time set in a coastal community in Oregon. Story is told from the kids' point-of-view and takes a rather long time to be set in motion.