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'The Goonies' trivia and fun facts

Debut It's Josh Brolin's debut.
The map for home According to Sean Astin, they allowed him to take the treasure map to his house. Several years later, his mother found him, thought it was a piece of plain paper and threw it in the trash.
Slap When the Fratelli brothers are arguing, Anne Ramsay really slaps Robert Davi.
Real reactions The cast of the film was forbidden to see the pirate ship before recording, as they wanted the reactions of the cast to be real.
Official day June 7th is the "Goonies Day". The day was declared by the Mayor of Astoria (Where the movie was filmed).
Five hours John Matuszak's make-up for the film took about 5 hours.
Cry Jeff Cohen acknowledged that he was thinking about his mother's death during his "confession" to the Fratellis in the film to generate tears.
More real impossible The skulls were made of real bone.