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The Happytime Murders poster


Year: 2018

Original Title: The Happytime Murders

Country: USA

Budget: $10,000,000

Genre: Comedy, Action

Studios: STX Entertainment, Huayi Brothers Media

Distributor: STX Entertainment

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Release Dates

United Kingdom: August 27 2018

United States: August 24 2018


Ranking: 340 out of 14,254 movies (up 142)


The film is developed around a mysterious murder located in a world where humans live with puppets, who are seen as second class citizens. This is the reason why Phil Phillips, an ex-police puppet, has fallen out of favor and dedicates himself to drinking. However, the murder of his brother will force him to take the world of research seriously again. The members of 'The Happytime Gang', a famous cast known for its children's show in the 1980s, are being massacred one by one. Phil must team up once again with Detective Edwards, but the resentment between them will come to the surface while they try to solve this complicated case. 'Happytime Murders' is directed by Brian Henson ('Muppet Treasure Island').


Cast The Happytime Murders

Leslie David Baker

Lt. Banning

Melissa McCarthy

Connie Edwards

Maya Rudolph


Joel McHale

Agent Campbell



Trivia The Happytime Murders

The film is directed by Brian Henson, son of Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets and director of the film 'Labyrinth'. This is the first feature film directed by Brian Henson from 'Muppet Treasure Island' of 1996. Katherine Heigl was going to be in charge of starring in the film.