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Year: 2016
Original Title: La Leyenda del Chupacabras
Length: 81 minutes
Genre: Animation, Family
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Release Dates

United States: October 14 2016


Ranking: 3,461 out of 16,027 movies (up 622)


3.9 by 2 users


'The Legend of the Chupacabras' is an animated horror comedy film, directed by Alberto Rodriguez. Produced by Ánima Estudios, the film is the fourth installment to the Leyenda film series and its story is inspired by the chupacabras legend. Leo San Juan was imprisoned after being mistaken for a rebel insurgency by the royal army while on his way home to Puebla. But when a mysterious flying monster, known as the chupacabra, is on the rise, attacking prisoners and guards, he must defend his fate and fight the flying monster. The film was presented at the 2016 Pixelatl Festival in Cuernavaca, Mexico. The distributors of the film in Mexico are Videocine and in United States Pantelion Films and Lionsgate.


Cast The Legend of Chupacabras

Mayté Cordero

Mayté Cordero

Teodora (voz)

Benny Mondoza

Benny Mondoza

Leo San Juan (voz)

Eduardo España

Eduardo España

Evaristo (voz)