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Year: 1955
Original Title: The Man with the Golden Arm
Length: 119 minutes
Genre: Drama, Romance
Studios: Otto Preminger Films
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Release Dates

United States: December 14 1955


Ranking: 9,463 out of 15,704 movies (up 431)


7.5 by 1 media


'The Man with the Golden Arm' is an american drama produced in 1955 and directed by one of the most famous filmmakers of the century XX., Otto Preminger. With the incomparable Frank Sinatra starring by the protagonist Frankie Machine, 'The Man with the Golden Arm' tells the history of an heroin addict that came back to his old neighborhood after being six months in jail. When he left the prison back, Frankie Machine will restart his old life and he will treat to stay away from his addiction. After learning to play the drum, he dreams with become to a professional musician. The cast of 'The Man with Goldem Arm' is completed with the actors Eleanor Parker, Kim Novak, Arnold Stang or Darren McGavin, between others.


Cast The Man with the Golden Arm

Kim Novak

Kim Novak


Eleanor Parker

Eleanor Parker

Zosh Machine

Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra

Franchie Machine



Trivia The Man with the Golden Arm

Marlon Brando was offered the role of Frankie Machine, but Frank Sinatra jumped at the opportunity and was signed before Brando could accept. The Motion Picture Association of America originally refused to issue a seal for this movie because it shows drug addiction. The next year the production code was changed to allow movies to deal with drugs, kidnapping, abortion and prostitution. The film was eventually assigned certificate no. 17011. Frank Sinatra is mentioned twice in Nelson Algren's 1949 novel on which the film is based.