The Matrix

The Matrix
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Title: The Matrix

Original Title: The Matrix

Year: 1999


Release Dates

  • UK: June 01 1999
  • United States: March 31 1999


Thomas Anderson is one of the best computer programmer.

When he goes out of work, Thomas becomes Neo, an alias he uses in the world of computer hackers. Neo is looking for the same that everyone, discover what is Matrix and meet Morpheus. When he received a message that says "Follow the White Rabbit" Neo believed to be close to the answer. Following the white rabbit, he meets Trinity, a woman wanted by law, and also by strange agents capable of anything to get her.

Neo does not believe anything that Trinity says, but when those foreign agents come to the job of Neo looking for him, he must make a choice: Continue with his life as it was before, or follow Trinity to discover what is Matrix.


  • 2000 Academy Awards (Oscars): 4 4
  • 2000 BAFTA Awards: 5 2
  • 2000 MTV Movie Awards: 4 4



'Matrix' Trailer 2:30

'Matrix' Trailer

March 26 2016

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The Matrix
The Matrix
The Matrix
The Matrix


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