The Unknown

The Unknown
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Title: The Unknown

Year: 1927


  • Country: USA
  • Length: 63 Minutes (1 hour 3 min)
  • Genre: Drama Horror Romance
  • Age rating: PG (Parental guidance)

Release Dates

  • United States: June 04 1927


'The unknown' is set in a circus of gypsies in Spain in the 1930, a Spain desolated by poverty, hunger and war, where a love triangle between Alonzo the maimed, the beautiful Nanon and strongman Malabar occurs. Alonzo and Malabar are totally in love with Nanon, but she feels an instinctive revulsion toward men who touch him. That is why we feel more comfortable with Alonzo the armless man. However, Alonzo is not who they say they are, as they passed by armed with the help of his friend, the dwarf Cojo, to escape the police. When Alonzo believed to be reciprocated by Nanon is then encounters a paradox: when she discovers the lie stop loving him. A classic-feature film directed by 'Freaks' director, Todd Browning.



Tod Browning Tod Browning


'The Unknown' Trailer 2:38

'The Unknown' Trailer

October 20 2018


The Unknown
The Unknown
The Unknown
The Unknown
The Unknown
The Unknown


Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford considered this movie as a big turning point in her life, she said that she learnt the difference between being in front of the camera and acting.

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