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Year: 2017

Original Title: Thoroughbreds

Country: USA

Length: 92 minutes

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Studios: B Story, June Pictures

Distributor: Universal Pictures

Suitable only for 15 years and over

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Release Dates

United Kingdom: April 06 2018

United States: March 09 2018


Ranking: 2,832 out of 14,672 movies (up 1936)


5.0 by 2 users

8.5 by 3 media


Amanda and Lily are two young teenagers living in suburban Connecticut. The two were inseparable as children but slowly drifted as they grew up. The girls' friendship reignites when they're older and begin talking about and assessing their futures. As they get to know one another and become closer, the two find out that they're a lot more like-minded than they first thought. With this in mind, they they decide to arrange the murder of Lily's stepdad. It's clear, despite their innocent appearances, Amanda and Lily are a lot more sinister than they first appear. 'Thoroughbreds' stars Olvia Cooke as Amanda and Anya Taylor-Joy. The late Anton Yelchin also features in this Cory Finley production. 'Thoroughbreds' marks Finley's debut as a film director.


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Trivia Thoroughbreds

This is the last film that beloved actor Anton Yelchin shot before die. The script of the movie was originally written as a play. The film has remained in limbo for almost 2 years. Production lasted from May to June 2016, and the film wasn't theatrically released until March 9th, 2018.