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Year: 2018
Original Title: Todo mal


Ranking: 14,269 out of 16,357 movies (up 593)


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Fernando (Osvaldo Benavides) is a diplomat who has just achieved the most important achievement of his career: to return the plume of Moctezuma to Mexico, and also, is about to marry the woman of his life. Everything is perfection with him, unlike his two cousins, Matías (Alfonso Dosal), ex-Pop star and failed rock star, and Dante (Martín Altomaro), forever trying to finish an infinite thesis, while living in the closet of his mom. But the papers are reversed when Viviana (Marcela Guirado) plants Fernando on the altar and he finds out that it was for another. Suddenly Fernando thunders, losing the control he has maintained all his life, stealing the plume and throwing himself in a demented revenge that can cost him the skin, his poor cousins who go behind trying to save him, and the plume of Moctezuma a country that has been waiting 500 years for his return.