Turbo Kid

Turbo Kid
Poster Turbo Kid

Title: Turbo Kid

Year: 2015


  • Country: Canada New Zealand
  • Length: 93 Minutes (1 hour 33 min)
  • Genre: Action Adventure Science fiction
  • Age rating: 15 (Suitable only for 15 years and over)

Release Dates

  • United States: August 28 2015


'Turbo Kid' is a science-fiction/action movie set in a post-apocalyptic future. In a world completely destroyed where water has become in the most valuable good on Earth, courage and power is the only thing that can make you being in charge and give you supremacy. The Kid is the main character of the story, a young boy who has been raised all alone in this troubled and complicated world. His best friends have always been the old comic books he has been keeping over the years. Zeus is the name of the leader of group that believe they are in charge where The Kid lives. The young boy will have to lead a group of companions that he will find along his way to fight against Zeus and his group, on a quest to set his territory free.



François Simard François Simard


Turbo Kid
Turbo Kid
Turbo Kid
Turbo Kid
Turbo Kid
Turbo Kid
Turbo Kid
Turbo Kid


In the movie poster, the main antagonist of Zeus resembles actor Michael Chiklis. In the film, Zeus is played by Michael Ironside.

Jean-Philippe Bernier was the composer and director of photography, an unusual combination.

The director Yoann-Karl Whissell is known for giving hugs to the public after the screenings.

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