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Year: 2017

Country: USA

Length: 82 minutes

Genre: Documentary

Studios: Lucid Inc.

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Release Dates

United Kingdom: March 10 2017

United States: March 09 2017


Ranking: 3,434 out of 14,163 movies (up 1129)


9.0 by 4 media


'Uncertain' is a documentary following the lives of three men who try to make a living the best they can in Uncertain, Texas, a small town with only 94 inhabitants who live nearby the lake around which they built their home: one of them is a hunter obsessed with Mr. Ed, an enormous boar he has been hunting; a young idealist with big dreams of achieving a better live that he never puts in practice; an old fisherman who struggles to accept that his youth days are forever gone, at the same time that he suffers the weight of a terrible action he did in the past. While all of them try to carry their lives the best they can, Uncertain's lake is invaded with an infestation of sea weeds that threatens the town's only source.




Trivia Uncertain

Uncertain is a real town placen in Texas, and its last census of 2000 revealed that it had a population of 150.