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Why Him?'s user reviews


It?s bluntly cheeky, it goes on for too long, but the concept keeps on giving.

Read review Owen Gleiberman
The Hollywood Reporter

The result is an efficient, but grim and cynical machine of a comedy: You'll laugh, but it'll likely be a visceral response to the sheer, bullying spectacle of it all rather than a reaction of genuine amusement.

Read review Jon Frosch
The Playlist

Lacking real zest or fun, it?s a middling effort, if one with ample heart and good intentions, that happens to star two actors who can rise to the occasion when necessary. Working together, it?s a shame that they serve both as this frustratingly mediocre comedy?s most reliable pleasure and most consistent disappointment.

Read review Will Ashton
Chicago Sun-Times

Not funny, not funny, not funny, not funny, not funny.

Read review Richard Roeper