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Why Him? videos and trailers

'Why him?' Clip Check-In

A half-naked Laird appears in the house of his parents in law.

Meet the Laird's lair 'Why him?'

Gustav, the manager of Laird in 'Why him?' shows us the house of the billionaire protagonist of the film.

Pink Panther 'Why him?' Clip #3

Ned (Bryan Cranston) is so surprises when his son-in-law fights with Gustav.

'Why him?' Clip Needles and pins

Keegan-Michael Key and James Franco have a heated discussion.

'Why him?' Spot Everyone's on Snapchat

Bryan Cranston y James Franco can't stop to put filters on Snapchat during the promotion of 'Why him?'.

'Why him?' spot #2

Bryan Cranston and James Franco will be fighting all the time in 'Why him?'

'Why him?' trailer #2

Ned (Bryan Cranston) will have to accept that his daughter is not his little girl more.

'Why him?' spot

Bryan Cranston y James Franco, protagonists of the romantic comedy 'Why him?', publicise the movie with a curious atrezzo.

Spanish trailer 'Why him?'

A father will face to the billionaire boyfriend of his daughter to win her affection.

'Why Him?' Trailer

Bryan Cranston, James Franco, Megan Mullally and Zoey Deutch in the first trailer for R-Rated comedy 'Why Him?'