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The 'Captain Marvel' Poster Hides an Adorable Secret Cameo

Jadzia Samuel Wednesday 19 September 2018

With the release of the first trailer of Marvel's next film release, 'Captain Marvel', fans have been quick to come up with numerous theories, speculating every detail in anticipation of what is in store for the Marvel Universe. However, it seems that the trailer is not the only place where we can find hidden secrets which reveal exciting information about the character played by Brie Larson; Easter eggs have been hidden in the very first poster, with an exciting little cameo.

The 'Captain Marvel' Poster Hides an Adorable Secret Cameo

Although at first it seems that there is nothing particularly striking about this poster, as well as just the figure of Carol Danvers, if we focus on the lefthand corner of the poster, on the floor near to Danver's feet, we can see a faint outline of a cat's body. If the film is faithful to the Marvel comics, then this could hint at an appearance from the comic character's alien pet cat, Chewie, as it theorized by ComingSoon.

 'Captain Marvel'

Chewie is an alien animal who, although has the body of a cat, he is actually a Flerken: an extraterrestrial species which, unlike cats, reproduces by laying eggs, which it then hides in another dimension pocket in its body. These small creatures are also equipped with various defense mechanisms, such as tentacles and fangs (unlike their furry friends on Earth). Despite Chewie's apparent cameo in the poster, this does not really confirm that he will feature in the film; it could simply be a nod to the comic fans. However, that does not mean that we aren't all hoping for Captain Marvel's mascot to star alongside her on the big screen!

The First SuperHeroine

The action of 'Captain Marvel' will take place in the 90s, showing us Nick Fury's (Samuel L. Jackson) first ever encounter with a superhero, with whom Danvers will have to collaborate in order to save Earth from invasion from the Skrulls. The Skrulls are an infamous alien race in the Marvel Universe with the ability to adopt any given shape, allowing them to camouflage in with the human race and invade our planet, and which will prove to make them a strong opponent for Carol Danvers.

'Captain Marvel' will be released in cinemas around the world on March 8th 2019, becoming the first ever (and long overdue) Marvel film with a female protagonist.

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