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'Fantastic Four' TV Spot

Sue Storm, Reed Richards, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm show their powers to protect the universe

'Rick and Morty' Season Two Trailer

Rick will intrude his grandson in his crazy adventures, but this time, the adventures will come to more people of the family

Chris Columbus would direct a new Harry Potter movie

Director Chris Columbus reveals exclusively his desire to return to direct a new Harry Potter movie if JK Rowling decides to write a sequel to the franchise.

'Transporter Legacy' Trailer #2

In this new episode, Martin meets a mysterious femme fatale named Anna (Loan Chabanol), who leads a group of deadly assailants and who will stop at nothing to put an end to a ruthless Russian band that trafficked persons. Anna knows that Frank is the best in their work and to ensure their cooperation, remains hostage to his father (Ray Stevenson). Now, father and son will be forced to work hand in hand with Anna to take this dangerous gang to justice. In this second trailer we can see most expressive Skrein records that went unnoticed in the first.

'Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp' Trailer #2

Camp Firewood back, we discover the adventures of these young people in their first day of camp

'Tom at the Farm' International Trailer

Tom arrive at the funeral of his boyfriend in a rural farm, the problem will arise when he discovers that his boyfriend wasn't who he claimed to be

'Fatal Attraction' Trailer

Dan Gallagher will live an affair with Alex Forest, threatening his marriage and his life

'Steve Jobs' Trailer

Michael Fassbender plays Apple's founder, Steve Jobs. Danny Boyle directs this new biopic

'Sharknado 3' Making Of

Finley "Fin" Shepherd (Ian Ziering) will risk his life to save his daughter (Ryan Newman), and while avoiding the sharks form a mega sharknado.

'London Has Fallen' Teaser Tráiler

London becomes the new target of a terrorist strike which plans to kill all world leaders

Chris Columbus wants to come back to the 'Harry Potter' saga

The director of the two first 'Harry Potter' movies wants to tell what happened after 'The Deathly Hallows'

'Creed' Trailer

Apollo Creed's grandson gets lessons from Rocky to become a boxing star

'Snowden' Teaser Tráiler

First preview of the biopic about the figure of Edward Snowden, a ex-employee of the CIA and the NSA

'X-Men: Days of future past', "Saving Rogue" Clip

Iceman and Magneto wake Rogue, located in the Mansion X

'X-Men: Days of future past', "Sentinel Attack" Clip

Rogue, Iceman and Magneto have to scape for the sentinels, before being killed

'Ant-Man' Bathtub Clip

Scott Lang shrinks for the first time, after all the efforts of Hank Pym to attract him to his side

'Love' Gaspar Noé trailer

Gaspar Noé's new erotic film trailer.

'Jurassic World' Apatosaurus' Making Of

The creating process of the Jurassic World's Apatosaurus reflects on this making of

'Pixels' Centipede Clip

Adam Sandler and Josh Gad know how to beat the real version of Centipede

'Scream: The TV Series' Prologue

Bella Thorne emulates Drew Barrymore in the prologue of 'Scream, playing Nina Patterson

Japanese 'Ant-Man' Tráiler

New japanese 'Ant-Man' trailer with unseen footage.

'Legend' trailer #2

Tom Hardy plays identical twins, Ronnie and Reggie Kray, famous criminals who dealt with the Mafia and justice in the London of the 60s.

'Masterminds' Trailer #2

An inusual group of criminals scores the biggest hit in the history of America

'Holding the Man' Trailer

Tim and John are two young men who live a love story that will last 15 years, until a major obstacle put in their way

'Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp' Trailer

Camp Firewood back and with them all the group: Beth, Andy , Katie , Gene , Susie and Ben , among others