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'Absolutely Anything' Trailer

Neil Clarke receive powers that allow him to do absolutely everything he wants

'Aloha' A Second Chance TV Spot

Brian Gilcrest is given him a second opportunity returning to the city that gave him his fame, Honolulu

'Risen' Trailer

After the Resurrection of Jesus, an agnostic , Clavius ??, try to find out the reality

'Jurassic World' Welcome to Jurassic World Featurette

Fourteen years after the third movie, we return to Isla Nublar, where a new dinosaur has become a menace for the visitors.

'Tangerine' Trailer #1

Two young transexual prostitutes wants to take their revenge on a pimp that has been cheating on one of them.

'Southpaw' TV Spot #1

Jake Gyllenhaal becomes a boxer in the new Antoine Fuqua's film

'Legend' trailer

The story of identical twins Ronald and Reginald Kray, who terrorized London in the 50s and 60s.

'Suite Française' Featurette

A french woman fall in love with a german soldier during WWII while she waits for the return of her husband.

'Irrational Man' Trailer

A philosophy professor in existential crisis gives his life new purpose when he enters into a relationship with his student

'Strangerland' Trailer

Two teenage kids disappear before a sand storm, leaving their parents as the main suspects

'Mad Max: Fury Road' Trailer #4

Max Rockatansky fights for survival in the Wastelands in this new installment of the action franchise

'Ted 2' Trailer #2

Ted and John will do everything it takes to get to make the teddy bear a father

'Hot Pursuit' We're Bakers Clip

Daniella and Cooper suffered a minor accident with their car when a truck crashes into it

'Hot Pursuit' Changing Clothes Clip

Cooper and Daniella change their clothes , uncovering Daniella discover Cooper's bad taste with underwear

'Jurassic World' clip

Chris Pratt visit the grounds of Indominus Rex with such bad luck that the dinosaur is stirred and must flee for his life.

'The Visit' Trailer

A single mother leaving with her children to visit their grandparents, they don't know which is the secret behind these

'Maggie' I'll Try Clip

Maggie cares about the future and her zombie transformation, she doesn't want to hurt her father

'Black Mass' Trailer

Bulger , one of the biggest criminals in the United States, shows us his violent side

'Area 51' Trailer

A group of friends decide to find the hidden secrets of Area 51, finding something terrifying

'The Water Diviner' Interview with Olga Kurylenko

We spoke with the ukrainian model and actress who joint Russell Crowe in his directorial debut.

Interview with Russell Crowe, 'The Water Diviner'

We spoke with the Australian actor, who makes his debut as a director with this war drama

'Tomorrowland: A World Beyond' Trailer #3

A young girl discovers the way to go to a world where everyhting seems possible

'Mr. Holmes' Trailer

Sherlock Holmes is already an eminence, but he have to use his intuition to discover his last mystery

'Pitch Perfect 2' NBA Playoffs Spot

The Bellas dance in a new advertising spot for NBA Playoff featuring Kyle Lowry