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Trailer 'Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones'

A boy wakes up one day with bite marks in his arm, which are related to the possession of two little girls

Trailer 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'

Someone has stolen a priceless Renaissance painting from the Grand Budapest Hotel

Trailer 'Non-Stop'

A veteran Air Service agent begins receiving threatening messages in the middle of a flight

TV Spot 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire'

First TV Spot for Katniss Everdeen's new adventure

International Trailer 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit'

An analyst becomes an amateur secret agent when he discovers a plot to prepare an attack

Trailer 'Diana' #2

Biopic about the last moments of Lady Di's life, when she had a secret affair with a surgeon

'Hercules: The Legend Begins' Trailer

Kellan Lutz stars this new adaptation of the mythological greek hero

'Dallas Buyers Club' Clip #2

A man looks for a way to get his AIDS meds through an easier way

'Dallas Buyers Club' Clip #1

A man breaks the law to get the drugs for treating his AIDS with a cheaper price

TV Spot 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug' #3

Bilbo Baggins continues his way to Erebor, with Thorin and Gandalf by his side

Teaser 'Hercules: The Legend Begins'

Kellan Lutz introduces a teaser trailer for his new movie

Trailer 'The Monuments Men' #2

A team of Arts experts went to the enemy zone to get back the pieces of art stolen by the Nazis

Trailer 'American Hustle' #2

Two scammers are forced to work with a federal agent to sneak into the local mafia

Trailer 'The Starving Games' #2

Spoof movie inspired on 'The Hunger Games' movie

TV Spot 'Thor: The Dark World' #4

Spectacular new TV spot for the sequel to 'Thor'

Clip 'Thor: The Dark World'

Thor put aside their differences and seeks help from his brother Loki

Trailer 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit'

A simple analyst finds himself involved in a terrorist plot to destabilize the American economy

Trailer 'I, Frankenstein'

Frankenstein's creature finds itself in the middle of a battle of centuries between two immortal clans

Trailer 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' #2

A Life Magazine employee, with a very big imagination, has to face a very real adventure

Trailer 'Inside Llewyn Davis' #3

An aspiring folk singer tries to succeed in the competitive scenery of New York's Village

Trailer 'Out of the Furnace' #2

After leaving prison, one man will seek justice for his missing brother

Clip 'Ender's Game'

Colonel Graff calls Ender into his office to talk about his problems with the authority

TV Spot '12 Years a Slave'

Solomon Northup have to fight to brutal slave drivers is this first TV Spot

Trailer 'Rio 2'

Blu and her family ventured into the Amazon to meet his wild side

TV Spot 'Thor: The Dark World' #3

Thor and Loki have to join forces to stop a terrible threat in this new clip