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Tráiler 'The Judge'

Hank Palmer returns to his childhood home where his estranged father is suspected of murder

TV Spot 'Lucy' #2

Professor Norman explains Lucy's mental abilities in this new TV Spot for the movie starring Scarlett Johansson.

Clip 'Planes: Fire & Rescue'

Dusty prepares to extinguish fires in this official clip from the second installment of 'Planes'

Final Trailer 'Dawn of the Planets of the Apes'

A growing nation of genetically evolved apes led by Caesar is threatened by a band of human survivors of the devastating virus unleashed a decade earlier.

TV Spot 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' #3

Optimus Prime must align with the Dinobots to save Earth from extinction

Trailer 'The Expendables 3'

Barney will have to face one of the co-founders of the Expendables, a man he thought he was dead

Trailer 'No Good Deed'

An inmate escaped from jail invade the home of a woman posing as a person who has had problems with his car.

Trailer 'The Equalizer' #2

Denzel Washington gets into the skin of a former Special Operations command will try to protect a young woman who need to be saved.

Trailer 'HOME'

An alien named Oh looking for a home to settle well knowing Tip, a particular earthling.

TV Spot 'Guardians of the Galaxy' #2

Second TV spot with more footage and roll call where the Guardians of the Galaxy.

'Cantinflas' Official English-sub Trailer

The international Mexican comedian will fit into the film world thanks to producer Mike Todd.

TV Spot 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' #2

With help from a new cast of humans, Optimus Prime (voiced by Peter Cullen) and the Autobots rise to meet their most fearsome challenge yet

Tráiler 'Paddington'

A young explorer must find his way in a strange new land in the first trailer of 'Paddington'

Trailer 'Birdman'

Michael Keaton became a star in trouble in the first comedy of Alejandro González Iñárritu.

Teaser 'The Interview'

CIA orders two reporters to assassinate Kim Jong-Un while doing an interview

Trailer 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For' #2

Outlaws will become heroes in our second visit to Sin City

Trailer 'Dumb and Dumber To'

Harry and Lloyd start looking for their lost children because they need a kidney

TV Spot 'Lucy'

A woman takes by mistake a drug that enhances her mental abilities

Trailer 'November Man'

An ex-CIA operative is finds himself pitted against his former pupil in a deadly game involving high level CIA

Tráiler 'The Best of Me'

Based on the bestselling novel by acclaimed author Nicholas Sparks

TV Spot 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

First TV Spot for the Marvel blockbuster focused on this group of misfit superheroes

Trailer 'Step Up: All In'

Sean faces his most important dance contest. The prize: A three-year deal in Las Vegas

Trailer 'Very Good Girls'

Two New York City girls pact to lose their virginity during their first summer out of high school, but they decide to lose their virginity with the same street artist

Teaser 'Song of the Sea'

A brother and a sister start a journey by sea full of adventure to return to their home

International Trailer 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes'

Humans and apes try to survive in a fragile truce between both species